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Run with the pack at the Hub Hash!

Mar 1st
9:30 - 12:30
Impact Hub Antigua

Every month we’re giving you another incredible alternative to working on a Sunday! Join us as we partake in a, dare we say it? An awesome Hash run! This will be a very social, fun, and non-competitive event, so your family and friends are more than welcome.   More info here:  http://bit.ly/FBImpactHubAntigua

About Hashing:  Invented by a group of British officers in 1938, Hashing is an incredibly fun outdoor activity. The game is played as follows: One to three “hares” run ahead, leaving markers in the form of colored dust, bright tape, and sometimes even toilet paper. The main group of runners or walkers, called either “Hounds” or “The Pack” wait a set amount of time, perhaps fifteen minutes. After the starting bell, the game turns into a wild sprint to try and find their way through the path set by the Hare. At the end of the run, cold drinks await the thirsty runners (queue the Hallelujah!) at the Travelodge. Here, you can drink, eat, and have a great time with your friends and families at while lounging around in hammocks and recliners, after all, the Seventh day is the day of rest! We hope to see you there, Happy Hashing!


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