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Social Business Acceleration Table

May 30th
14:00 - 18:00
Impact Hub Antigua

Powered by: Deloitte Strategy Consulting Team from NYC

Brought to you by: CES Solutions and Pomona Impact
Location: Impact Hub Antigua (1a Avenida Norte No. 12, Antigua Guatemala)
Date: May 30th, 2pm to 6pm

Do you have a Social Business and need help tackling a complex strategic question?

Then it’s your lucky day because Deloitte Strategy Consulting is in town for one day to help a handful of high impact businesses analyze fundamental strategic questions using the ‘Acceleration Table’ approach.

What is an Acceleration Table?

You will have 45 minutes to sit with a team of 5 strategy consultants all focused solving your pressing strategy question. In addition to challenging your assumptions, reframing your problem(s) and exploring possible solutions, they will also likely be able to connect you with resources and contacts that can offer you additional support. Don’t miss out!

How to you participate?

Apply using this LINK before Sunday May 25th. We will notify the 5 winners that have been selected to participate.

How will the application be evaluated?

1) Does your business generate strong social/environmental impact?
2) How clearly have you articulated the problem that you’re seeking to resolve?

The quality of Deloitte’s feedback and recommendations will be highly correlated to the quality of the question. So think carefully on the strategic issue you’d like to tackle with them and then invest the time to articulate it clearly. Traditional strategic themes include: Sales channels, Market positioning, Partnerships/JVs,

Sample good strategy question: My company has been selling product exclusively to wholesalers and I think there is an opportunity to sell directly to retail. What are the key considerations I need to explore to evaluate the potential of selling directly to retailers? And if it looked good, what are the steps to implement that strategy?

Sample bad strategy question: My sales aren’t any good, what do I do?

The application itself will be very light. Applicants will simply be asked the following questions.
A brief profile of the organization and what it does, and/or links to descriptive information.
How is social impact a part of its mission?
How would you like the group to focus its work? Please describe the challenges/opportunities they will address and their context
Who will be meeting the Deloitte team? What is your role in the organization?

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