Impact Spotlight: Technoserve
8 March 2015 - coworkingantigua

Technoserve; a business solution to poverty

Founded in the fine year of 1968 by Ed Bullard, Technoserve is an organization trying to fight poverty in

developing countries through competitive farms and businesses. How do they do this? Technoserve

provides solutions for poverty by linking people to markets, information, and capital.

Technoserve has worked in more than 40 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America, including

Guatemala. As of now, Technoserve has partnered with over 12,000 small producers in Guatemala, of

which 300 are women-owned businesses in fields such as mushrooms, nuts, or recycling. One of the

most impressive projects being a two-year long pilot in which they helped farmers grow a plant known

as “Jatropha” which is used in the making of biodiesel. By growing this plant on land unsuitable for food

crops, farmers were able to capitalize on a new opportunity!

Technoserve is doing great things in Guatemala and the world, and is truly making an impact. Make sure

to check out their official webpage at for more details.