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At Impact Hub Antigua,  choose from a variety of membership options or rent one of our private offices.  Enjoy being part of a special community of entrepreneurs.   Everyone works on their own projects, businesses and creative goals while creating a wonderful community.    We invite you to take part!

We have monthly memberships for private offices and shared coworking space at an affordable price. Work, meet, learn, relax in this beautiful city. Calm the stress in our quiet garden, soak in our terrace overlooking the volcanoes and let your work flow in our bright, furnished offices and high-speed Internet. For larger companies (from 3 to 10 people) we have private offices with access to all the environments of the place.
Impact Hub Antigua’s beautiful colonial buildings have a large garden full of plants, a terrace overlooking the volcanoes, outdoor stage for presentations, modern conference rooms, the new Innovation Center, kitchen with free coffee and high speed internet.

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We host events and programs ranging from pop-up dinners, documentary screenings, speakers events, to workshop, certification and support clinics, where members share their experiences and meet in these activities.

Impact Hub Antigua is about the power of people with ideas. We create places for purpose-driven people just like YOU, to connect and build solutions for a better world. Our members consist of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, activists, creatives, investors, freelancers, professionals, supporters, and mentors who work together, share ideas and resources. Members work at Impact Hub Antigua and in a diverse form of ways. All attend and/or produce events, run their own workshops, access funding and mentorship, find co-conspirators and partners, participate in social networks, build campaigns, launch companies, prototype and test products… Be part of this great community!
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Antigua Impact Hub Members have access to a global platform that connects 15,000+ Hub Members, distributed in over 80 Impact Hubs, in more than 50 countries worldwide.
Impact Hubs unite people from every profession, background and culture with imagination and drive to pursue enterprising ideas for the world sharing their experiences to improve their work.


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