Promoting access to better healthcare in Central America
8 January 2015 - coworkingantigua

CAHI is a member of Impact Hub Antigua]

Central America is a region that faces great challenges in providing access

to quality healthcare for its citizens. These challenges are exacerbated in rural

areas where poverty, political and social marginalization, and a lack of basic

services are the norm.

The Central American Healthcare Initiative (CAHI) aims to tackle these

intractable problems by promoting access to better healthcare for the poorest

Central Americans.

Through our three programs we analyze successful models and disseminate

the best healthcare practices to scale and replicate innovation, support social

leaders to implement and scale transformational innovations in healthcare, and

forming highly-skilled health managers for more efficient and effective healthcare


Some of CAHI’s innovation projects throughout the region include: a) The

transfer of knowledge from a leading private hospital to public hospitals of best

practices for improving patient safety, b) The reduction of mother-to-child

transmission of HIV and syphilis with specially trained community health


We believe in a Central America where all people have access to high-

quality healthcare, regardless of socioeconomic and geographic constraints.