We are a group of passionate, innovative, creative entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers, drivers of social impact that work sharing the same goal of achieving positive change. Joining our community will connect you, inspire and allow you to improve your work in many ways.


Membership Packages

Membership Packages Hub Daily
Use of workspace (Consecutive, Monday - Saturday) 1 6 30 Monthly
Fixed Desk X X X
Free/Discounted acces to event
Business Clinics & Workshop
Access to Impact Hub Global Community
Access to HUBnet
# of free copies/printed pages

20 20
Complimentary tea and coffee
Special discounts partner
Registered work/mailing address
Free daily pass passes for Chamba Coworking 2 2
Free Conference Room hours 4 5
(All prices include VAT) Precio en Quetzales Q.50 Q.300 Q.800 Q.1000
(All prices include VAT) Precio en USD $8 $45 $115 $145

Some of our members

Sara Hurtarte

SERES | Director of programs and operations " I like that the Hub provides the opportunity to know other organ…

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Eduardo De León

Co-founder of FotoBookers.com "I really like being surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs and digital nomads. I think the …

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Adam Flores

Hug It Forward Operations Manager "For me, the best thing about working at The Hub is the community that is cr…

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Michelle Sultan

FOUNDER, SEI CONSULTING "Impact HUB Antigua is a great place to network with like-minded professionals and individual…

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