Central American Program for Impact Learning (CAPIL)
Programs available for 2016: January, Spring Break, and Summer
Program Overview
Students will travel to Antigua, Guatemala for a 10-day intensive program focused on impact investing and social enterprise in Central America. Participants will also get to enjoy the opportunity to take Spanish classes as well as volunteer with local NGOs.
Program Highlights

Classes taught by local experts with years of experience in social entrepreneurship and or impact investing in Central America
Live case studies on active social ventures
Opportunities to network with local entrepreneurs and investors
Site visits to our portfolio companies in Guatemala
2 – 4 hours of Spanish lessons per day (optional, for an additional fee)
2 – 4 hours of volunteering (optional)

Also Included

Networking Happy Hours
Home family stay (optional) or other accommodations
Transportation to and from the airport as well as to and from site visits
Free use of the Impact Hub Antigua space including free entrance into all Hub activities: yoga, movie nights, karaoke nights, tours of Antigua, entrepreneur presentations,

Learning, Volunteering, Spanish, and Impact Touring
The basic timeline for each day is four hours of training (e.g. 9am-1pm), with opportunities to take Spanish lessons or volunteer with a local NGO in the afternoon. We believe that providing a volunteering opportunity to students gives them the ability to see and hear from local organizations about the problems students are learning how to address through CAPIL. There will also be tours and field trips included in the program so that students can see different parts of Guatemala and visit social entrepreneurs in the field.

The teaching approach is practical with a focus on learning by doing; case studies, group work, and presentations are all part of the program.
Classes will be held at Impact Hub Antigua,  where entrepreneurs work in a social and stimulating environment. Students will have the chance to meet and network with entrepreneurs, learn from their experiences, and get a better understanding of typical challenges entrepreneurs are facing in Central America.  Participants will also have free access to all Hub events during the time of the program. Events typically include yoga, movie nights, entrepreneur talks, social hours, etc.

Sponsored by Pomona Impact & Impact Hub Antigua
Pomona Impact is an active investor in Central American companies that have a strong social mission and are for-profit. It has developed two co-working spaces in Guatemala: Impact Hub Antigua and Chamba. Pomona is committed to supporting economic development in the region through investing in social enterprises.

Interested in learning more or enrolling?
Please contact our Program Coordinator, Sarah Sterling, at [email protected]
Interested in learning more?
Contact Sarah Sterling at
[email protected]